About Me

Hi, welcome to my Blog, The Money Freak.

I’m Claire, a 38 year old blogger from Cornwall. I have a Fiance, 2 teenage sons, 2 dogs and an elderly cat. I love exploring Cornwall with my Dogs, eating country pub lunches, and reading books.

I started ‘The Money Freak’ in 2018, to help other families learn about getting out of debt and building a better financial future for themselves. This quickly expanded into an interest for Sustainability and Ethical Consumerism.

After a while, I lost interest in blogging about debt and  money, and have expanded my blog to talk about my No Buy 2019, Sustainability, Low/Zero Waste and Ethical Consumerism.

(If you are more interested in the Personal Finance Section of the blog, You could start by taking a look at my own 2-year Debt Free Journey here http://themoneyfreak.co.uk/2018/02/19/it-all-begins-with-baby-steps/ if you are looking to find inspiration and information on exactly how I paid off £12k of debt in 2 years, as a single mum on a low income).

When I was on my own Zero Waste/Ethical Consumerism journey, I found a lot of American information and bloggers out there but I really wanted to hear about how other people and other families in the UK were managing to reduce waste, live ethically and care for our environment. So I decided to start expanding the topics covered in The Money Freak.

Here is the link to my YouTube Channel 

I want to show people that having a No Buy Year, living ethically and in an environmentally conscious way doesn’t mean having to be miserable. It can be enjoyable, honestly!

So, if you are looking for support, inspiration and ideas for how to change or improve your Environmental Impact,follow my blog, find me on Instagram, and let’s get started!