No Buy 2019- Week 1 Update

Hiya, welcome back to The Money Freak!

If you haven’t already read my last post, I am taking part in a No Buy Year (NBY).

 Think I’m crazy? Maybe you’re right, I’m not entirely sure myself!

I’ve been doing the No Buy for exactly 7 days now and thought I’d update you weekly on the blog, while I’ll be uploading updates monthly over on YouTube as well as weekly videos about various No Buy topics.

Week 1 has been pretty smooth sailing. There have been a few times this week where I have doubted my decision to do a NBY, mainly when I’ve seen something I want to buy, or think of a way to improve the house and ‘need’ to buy something to help with that.
But on the whole, its been pretty easy!

Of course, it’s always easy in the first week! I’m getting support from my Boyfriend who thinks I’m crazy for doing it but is 100% on board for supporting me.

I haven’t run out of anything, or had anything break on me. So, it’s easy to do this when life doesn’t throw you any curve balls!

Things I have done this week to keep to my No Buy:

  1. I made Pizza dough from scratch. I know, I know, this is the kind of thing that a lot of people do, and something I should have been doing myself. But I wasn’t. But on Tuesday I was craving a lovely Asda pizza. I put my shoes on and grabbed my coat, but as I was about to walk out the door it dawned on me that I have everything I need to make a pizza myself. Admittedly, I had a small panic when I realised that I didn’t have any yeast, but I went ahead and just made it without. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the base tasted absolutely fine! I’ll definitely make that again. It took 30 mins to make 2 pizzas and cost me £0.
  • I downloaded a Plant based e-book for free! A lady that I follow on Instagram was giving it away for free for 24 hours (normal price £5) so I downloaded that and printed it out. I’ve mentioned quite a few times on my YouTube that I am trying to eat more plant based, so hopefully this will help!
  • Did you know that veggies that have roots can regrow if you put them in water? I did, but again its not something that I’d ever tried. So this week I started regrowing celery, spring onions and romaine. I have no idea if it’ll work, but I’m giving it my best shot.
  • I made my own hummus. Its so easy to make, and I already had all of the ingredients in the kitchen. So I whizzed up a big tub of VERY garlic-heavy hummus. The best thing about making your own is that you can adjust it to your own tastes. I personally like my hummus very garlicky and very lemony. So that’s exactly how I made it. It has been a huge hit!
  • I wrote a meal plan. I’ve been on and off the meal plan wagon for months now..and I’m determined to stick to it! I KNOW it stops impulse buying, so its going to be done every week from now on.
  • I created a wish list on ‘wishlistr’. Basically, this is a website where you can add things to a wish list and other people can view it. So far, I’ve added a standing mixer, pizza, coconut yogurt and a few books. These are all things I could have bought this week that I didn’t. My aim is to add things that I really want throughout the year, then at the end of the year I can add up how much I would have spent, but saved instead. Everything goes on there, from food to phones to holidays. I’ll make a YouTube video about this and share it in the coming weeks.

I’ll be back soon with another update, but let me know below how you are getting on with yours, if you are taking part, and if you think you could do a No Buy Year!


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