My November Goals 2018- Monthly Linky


One thing that I really love about a new month is setting monthly goals. I feel this helps me to keep focused and on track, and motivates me during the month.

In fact, I also set yearly goals, and I’ll share those with you on New Years Eve. But for now, let’s concentrate on my November Goals.



  1. Start Matched Betting Seriously.

My Friend Charlotte over at Charlotte Musha has really inspired me to start thinking about Matched Betting seriously. I’ve heard many people describe how they’ve made hundreds of pounds from Matched Betting. Best of all, it’s totally tax-free! In this post, Charlotte describes how she made £230 in 5 hours! That sounds like a good money-maker! This ties in very nicely to Goal number 2.


  1. Try and earn £350 from Side Hustles.

This is a scary one, and quite a big goal. I do have some dog walking clients starting this month, so hopefully they will bring in the majority if that money. As well as Matched Betting, I’m going to start doing Surveys too.


  1. Start my Volunteer Job.

I really want to concentrate on getting some experience under my belt, for my dream job. I’ve applied for quite a few volunteer jobs recently, but there is specific one that I would really like to start this month. I must have my DBS check, plus wait for my references to come back, but my ‘taster day’ went really well. So, fingers crossed!

This is the most important goal for me this month, as I desperately need the experience. Plus, they will pay for my training if I stay with them for a minimum of 5 years. So, I get the experience and funding that I need to get my dream job in the long-term.


  1. Stay within my food budget.

This is something I struggle with EVERY month. I hate keeping an eye on how much I spend on food. I’m a real foodie, and have expensive taste, so my food budget easily goes out of the window by the 2nd week of every month!


  1. The No More Excuses November Challenge.

Every month in my Facebook Group we have a different challenge. This month I am running a ‘back to basics’ challenge, where we will be the most frugal we can, in all areas of our lives. No unnecessary spending, meal planning and sticking to it, using up the food we already have in our houses, pay as much off debt as possible, or save as much money as possible.

If you’d like to join, here is the Link. We do ask that everybody answers BOTH of the questions when requesting to join. It is a group that is based on the Dave Ramsey 7 Baby Steps, so please do some research on this if you want to join.


  1. Post all the Christmas Presents.

I need to post my families Christmas presents this year, as we won’t be able to meet up beforehand. I want to get this done by the 15th November. Last year I was late posting them, and they didn’t get delivered until New Year. That didn’t go down very well!


  1. Finally, my last goal is to put £300 to debt this month.

On the last day of November, I want to have enough money in the bank that I can put £300 to debt this month. If I do well with my side hustles, this shouldn’t be a problem. I have written my November budget, and have worked out that as long as I stick to my food budget, and earn money from side hustles, I should easily make this goal.

Those are my November Goals! I’ll be back at the end of the month to report on how I did, and whether I achieved these goals, or why I didn’t!

Do you have Monthly Goals? What are yours?

Until next time,



I thought it would be fun to open up these Monthly Goals posts as a linky for bloggers and Instagrammers from all niches to be able to share their plans for the month and update as they go along so we can all be cheerleaders for one another.


8 thoughts on “My November Goals 2018- Monthly Linky”

  1. Oh I love the idea of dog walking as an extra income! It sounds really enjoyable and there’s the added bonus of the extra exercise which is never a bad thing 🙂 I’m jumping over to your group now as I’ve had a bit of a “no more excuses” change of heart the last couple of days. Looking forward to joining in!

  2. Good luck for your volunteering – I hope it’s all finalised soon. I have relatives in Australia so I have to post pressies early – so I’m doing that by the end of November.
    I’ve joined the link up for the first time – I hope I’ve done it correctly 🙂 Bec @becinmonton – viewsfrommygardenbench

  3. Good luck with all your new ventures this month, I have previously done matched betting and haven’t made time for it recently but should look into it again, there are loads of new companies I can sign up with and it would mean a bit extra into our funds. x

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