About Me




Hi, welcome to my Blog, The Money Freak. I’m Claire, a 38 year old blogger from Cornwall. I have 2 teenage sons, 2 dogs and an elderly cat. I love exploring Cornwall with my Dogs, country pub lunches, and reading. i also love all things Personal Finance related.

I started ‘The Money Freak’ in 2018, to help other families learn about getting out of debt and building a better financial future for themselves.

What started out as a Facebook Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/744129762449972/?ref=bookmarks) has quickly developed into a growing community of people who are on their own financial journeys, sharing and learning from each other.

If you love reading about how you can feed yourselves and your families on a budget, how you can pay off your debt without feeling deprived, and how you can build a profitable ‘side- hustle’ you are in the right place!

You could start by taking a look at my own 2-year Debt Free Journey here http://themoneyfreak.co.uk/2018/02/19/it-all-begins-with-baby-steps/ if you are looking to find inspiration and information on exactly how I paid off £12k of debt in 2 years, as a single mum on a low income.

When I was on my own Debt Free Journey, I found a lot of American information and bloggers out there but felt daunted by their large numbers.  I really wanted to hear about how other people and other families in the UK were managing to pay off their debt and then build up their savings, so I decided to start The Money Freak.

I want to show people that paying off debt doesn’t mean having to be miserable. It can be enjoyable, honestly! The same with putting money into savings accounts. It doesn’t all mean deprivation and sitting at home alone while your friends go out for dinner.

I talk a lot about putting money into your savings accounts once you have paid off your debt, and creating an ‘Emergency Fund’, so this isn’t JUST for people who are in debt.

So, if you are looking for support, inspiration and ideas for how to change or improve your finances,follow my blog, find me on Instagram, join the Facebook Group and let’s get started!